Spring Dive Sites

This page is dedicated to the Florida Springs dive sites that are part of the Hurly's Underwater Adventure Network. 

72 Degrees ....Year Round

Buford Sink


Buford Sink-Depths to 130'

Must Pre-Register (Free)


Hospital Hole


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Blue Grotto


 Dive the largest clear water cavern located in the heart of freshwater spring country in Williston, Florida. The Blue Grotto lets you dive down to a depth of 100 feet (30 meters) in crystal clear water all the way down at a water temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) all year round! 


Devils Den


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Paradise Springs



The huge cavern area with prehistoric fossils embedded in the walls makes every dive interesting and enjoyable. The strata of prehistoric limestone that was once beneath the sea are clearly visible as you make your way around the large water filled room and at every turn more fossils are revealed. Be sure to take your time because there are so many things to see. Clear water and 72 degree constant water temperature make Paradise Springs a year-round destination. A permanent guideline and the sight of the opening visible to the diver most of the time throughout the dive makes the dive accessible for most divers.

Conveniently located off Highway 441 south of the City of Ocala, Florida; this privately owned site makes an excellent day trip from many areas of the state. At the spring you can be on your own schedule and enjoy this amazing geological wonder set under the shade of beautiful oak trees. There are picnic tables, a gazebo, restroom / changing room, a spring water shower, and you are welcome to bring a grill to cook lunch on the grounds.

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Ginnie Springs


 The clear, bluish water of Ginnie Spring and several other springs in the Ginnie Springs Recreation Area have attracted visitors for generations. Ginnie Springs Outdoors is located approximately 6.5 miles northwest of High Springs, on the south side of the picturesque Santa Fe River.