****EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 30, 2019 ****

BOGO Training will be suspended until Spring of 2020 when Gulf of Mexico temperaturs

 return to 72 degrees

We will continue to offer the BOGO deal and sell the though this time for students that will begin the in water training in the spring

OPTION 1--You and a Friend 

                 go for the price of 1!*         

       $399-Optional Nitrox Upgrade 

of $50 per student a $99 savings

OPTION 2-  Single Diver BOGO

     Scuba Diver $399 pp*

                   & Free Nitrox Class     

*Dives Not Included-

Students Required to purchase:

 Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, SMB, Logbook through Hurly's Wet Adventures-10% Student discount on most items in the store. See BOGO schedule below


For a limited time you will get  Beginner Scuba Diver

certification class BOGO- 2 Divers go for the price of one standard class of $399 or if you don't have a buddy to share this BOGO with take advantage of our single diver BOGO and get a FREE Nitrox Class ($149 value) for $399

Pesky Schedule? Can't Dive into Our BOGO Weekends?  If your schedule is pesky and you're not able to join our consider a group or private training structure which offers more schedule flexibility.


                 (dives not included)

-NAUI- Scuba Diver

-NAUI  Nitrox Diver

-NAUI Advanced Diver



Bring 6 friends to the class you want to take and your class is FREE!!!*

*Dives Not Included-Students provide Mask, Snorkel,
 Fins, Boots, SMB, Logbook


Online 5 Step Program

​  1. Register & Complete online eLearning and Hurly's 

       Training Videos

  2. Register for a training weekend. Dates listed below

  3. Once your eLearning is complete Schedule &     

       attend eLearning review  and equipment set up 

       seminar at Hurly's dive center or Gill Dawgs.
      This is the ideal time  to purchase your 

        personal equipment.
       We suggest doing this 2 weeks prior to your in              

        water training in case you need to order a specific   

        color or size.  We want you to have the equipment  

       you want not what we happen to have in stock and 

       sometimes takes a week or two to order if

        not in stock.

  4. Complete your confined water & open water training

  5. Attend a post dive class review for log book 

      signing and administrative completion


Ready to begin your learning adventure now? Simply CLICK HERE to register and pay your your class. You will receive your eLearning code and instructions within 5 minutes to 3 hours.  Your Instructor will call you shortly to guide you through the process.


 We strive to conduct our confined water (pool) and open water dive training in the Gulf of mexico as often as possible. When we use this close to shore site we take you on a free short boat ride to our training site. Training begins in the shallow pool like water with depths from 3'-12' (Day 1 morning). Once students have mastered some basic skills we move to the deep water (23') to conduct the open water dives a few yards away. Day 2 is a repeat of day 1 but with new skills.  UNFORTUNATELY....This site looses visibility in late summer due to the Florida tropical rain storms and bad weather. When this happens we are forced to use a different training protocol which adds an additional day or two and the student will be responsible for a daily (two days) dive fee at a fresh water dive site listed below. In the event we are forced to utilize a freshwater site the minimum student count is three divers

Open Water Dive Training Sites

(Student Daily Rate-min 2 Days Required)

Hurly's Training Grounds-Gulf of Mexico

         -Free (for students)
Hudson Grotto $35 
Blue Grotto $55
Devils Den $55

Hospital Hole & Manatee Trip $55

  *Dive site fees not required until the time of dives


    August  19 & 20           August 30 & Sept 01​

​September 7 & 8     September 21 & 22 in Key Largo*

October 12 & 13           October 26 & 27

                      November  16 & 17

                      December 7 & 8

           (Last Bogo Class of the Year)